NITE Corporation

Short introduction of NITE Corporation

NITE Corporation (Chiba, Japan) provides the most advanced and high-quality C/SiC and SiC/SiC Composites ever delivered. NITE Corporation is supporting the production of NITE prepreg-sheets for SiC based composites under the contract with Axiom Materials (California, USA). The production line for full-scale NITE intermediate materials (green sheets and prepreg sheets) has been established since in 2020, but the shutdown under corona disaster was delayed its operation significantly. Finally, Corona in California is calming down, and preparations are underway to start production. Currently, operations will begin in January 2022, and NITE intermediate materials(C/SiC) will be supplied soon. NITE will provide NITE prepreg-sheets in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. NITE Corporation is a spin-off company from R & D activities of Kohyama Laboratory at Kyoto University, University of Tokyo, and Muroran Institute of Technology. NITE SiC matrix composite products are based on international patents:
NITE stands for Nano-Infiltration and Transient Eutectic-phase process.

Latest News

Notice of resumption of orders

Based on a contract with Axiom Materials (California, USA), we have focused on supporting the production of NITE prepreg sheets for SiC-based composite materials at Axiom Materials, and we have suspended orders other than small-scale sales of inventory due to major constraints in production activities amid the corona disaster but will begin receiving orders for…

July 29, 2020 NITE Corporation (Headquarters: Muroran, Japan)joins a large scale production of C/SiC and SiC/SiC Prepregs at Axiom Materials (Headquarters: California, USA) under the technical cooperation agreement

NITE Cooperation (Headquarters: Muroran, Japan) provides the Know-How and technical guidance of NITE to AXIOM in response to AXIOM’s acquisition of the permission to use the NITE Law Patent (owned by JST), whose CEO Akira Kohyama is the inventor. On June 11, 2020, the technical cooperation agreement to develop green sheets (Green-sheet) and prepreg sheets…

July 24, 2020 Axiom to expand its CMC product portfolio with Carbon/SiC and SiC/SiC composite

Axiom, a specialist in the development and supply of oxide/oxide CMC prepregs for aerospace and industrial applications, is to develop a line of carbon/SiC and SiC/SiC composite intermediates under license from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) and NITE (Nano-Infiltration and Transient Eutectic-phase) Corporation of Japan. This will allow Axiom to expand its offerings over…

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