Notice of resumption of orders

Based on a contract with Axiom Materials (California, USA), we have focused on supporting the production of NITE prepreg sheets for SiC-based composite materials at Axiom Materials, and we have suspended orders other than small-scale sales of inventory due to major constraints in production activities amid the corona disaster but will begin receiving orders for the following products from April 1, 2019, following the turnaround in the situation.
At present, there are problems such as rebuilding the production system, and it may not always be able to meet expectations, and there is a possibility that we will not be able to meet expectations in terms of delivery.

Intermediate materials for NITE composites:


For SiC matrix formation


For structural formation of SiC fiber strengthening and C fiber strengthening
unidirectional fiber strengthening and two-way fiber strengthening (including woven fabrics reinforcements)

Note: SiC fibers and C fibers used are basically determined, but will respond to requests as much as possible.
The specifications of woven fabrics is negotiable to the extent available.

NITE Composites:

C/SiC composite materials:

plates, blocks, bars

SiC/SiC composite materials:

plates, blocks, bars, tubes

Note: Currently, SiC/SiC nuclear fuel claddings are only for domestic use. The requests overseas will be responded after confirming that an export permission is available.

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